May 17, 2018

Baby Moon At The Pointe


Baby moon is a word that I want to use loosely. We actually didn’t have a baby moon when we were pregnant with Braydon or Walker, so this is a new concept for us – but I fully support it for any parents that are having their second, third or fourth child. Having a weekend to yourselves before the chaos of having a new baby in a house with multiple toddlers is slightly heavenly!

When planning ours we thought about all of these places we wanted to visit, but, flying this late in our pregnancy started to become a worry as well as the thought of a full day of travel to and from a place, seemed a little exhausting at this point in my opinion. It then hit us, why would we spend a day traveling to paradise when we already live in paradise. So we decided quickly to make it a staycation – which if you have followed me for a while – you know we are firm believers in and have them quite regularly! With and without the babes!

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